GCC Board of Directors and others Volunteer at Charitable Bingo

     Through volunteerism at a local charitable Bingo, Treasure Chest Bingo in Kingston, GCC is able to benefit from charitable donations from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.
In order to continue to benefit from the monies donated to the club, those of us on the executive, and any other interested volunteers spend an average of 2-4 hours per month volunteering at Bingo sessions.  In return, we receive a portion of the charity monies generated from these games.  This charity money is INVALUABLE  to GCC, and helps us keep our fees low.

"Many hands make light work"

      GCC really needs your help.  This charity opportunity is maintained by only a small group of dedicated Board members.  Volunteering at Bingo is very easy, and with a volunteer group of  12 people, each volunteer would only need to spend 2 hours 4 times per year to help us meet our quota.   Even more people would mean even less commitment! And your Bingo volunteer time is applied to your compulsory volunteer hours.

     If you would like to help us to maintain this opportunity by volunteering a small amount of time to this initiative, please call Ami Kay, our secretary, at (613) 382-1251, mid-June to September, or by email at 
 Toonie Tuesdays helps GCC Kids!

     "How do you get in on that?”

     1. Go to Metro or Shoppers in Gananoque, where the boxes (and tickets) are located.

     2. Complete the part of the ticket asking for your contact details and put that in the box.

     3. Keep the other part of the ticket that also has the number on it in a handy spot (eg your     


     4. Put a sticker on a Toonie with your number on it and drop it in the box.

     5. Cutoff time is Tuesday 8pm. A number is randomly drawn and posted to our Facebook

           page Gananoquecanoeclub. If that number was played that week the winner gets half 
           the pool. If the number was not played the pool carrysover to the next Tuesday . 

     6. Repeat step 4 and 5 weekly!